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Indiana Bankruptcy Attorneys Offering Remedies and Solutions for Creditors

We pursue the money owed to you

In order to successfully run their business, creditors must ensure that debtors pay for any goods or services rendered. But when a debtor declares bankruptcy, it may become significantly more difficult for you to seek the money owed to you. Our bankruptcy attorneys at Gouveia & Associates have more than 90 years of combined experience in this legal area, and we work to pursue a number of creditor solutions for obtaining money owed to you. Our lawyers work to protect your rights as a creditor and to protect your bottom line as a business.

What rights and solutions are available to creditors attempting to collect debt from a client filing for bankruptcy?

Even when a debtor files for bankruptcy, the government provides a number of creditor rights that enable creditors to seek their debts owed as fairly as possible. In this section, we discuss some of the most common actions that creditors and their attorneys can take.

  • Committee work — When a debtor files for bankruptcy, creditors form a creditor committee to represent the interests of the unsecured creditors involved with the debtor. Ensuring that you are represented during committee work greatly increases the likelihood and timeliness with which debts owed to you may be paid.
  • Stay of collection — Once a consumer files for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put in place that prevents you from pursuing collections against them. However, as a creditor, you have the right to file a motion for relief from stay. Our attorneys have experience in pursuing these motions for creditors and in advocating for your interests in court. We work to achieve a settlement for you.
  • Filing claims — Debtors have a right to file a claim for the right to payment from the debtor. Different types of claims are classified differently, and the likelihood that the debt will be paid depends on the classification determined. For example, secured property owed will be paid ahead of administrative claims. We work to file claims on your behalf to seek payment as expediently as possible.
  • Objecting to or negotiating sales — When the determined payment amounts to creditors are determined following a debtor’s bankruptcy, you may find that the amount of recoverable money you are entitled to receive is insufficient or unfair. In these cases, our attorneys advocate on your behalf to object to payment sales and negotiate a new payment amount whenever appropriate.

With an experienced bankruptcy attorney working on your behalf, you do not need to accept the first offer made to you when a bankruptcy settlement is finalized. Allow our lawyers to pursue all avenues to recover your owed debts.

Our bankruptcy attorneys in Indiana advocate for creditor rights to collect debt owed

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